【Important Notice!】Manufacturer’s Direct Shop.

We have seen our products being sold on yahoo, Rakuten, and Amazon.
If you are interested in purchasing MIRAI LAB products from a mall-based e-commerce site, please visit our directly-managed shop sites below,
Please purchase from our directly managed store sites below.

■MIRAI LAB Official Store
■MIRAI LAB Rakuten store
【公式】ミライラボオンラインショップ|ミライラボバイオサイエンス株式会社 (
■Amazon Store
MIRAI LAB(ミライラボ)
■Yahoo! Shopping
【公式】ミライラボオンラインショップ|ミライラボバイオサイエンス株式会社 (

You can purchase our latest products and reliable genuine products at this site. Since this is our official website, you will also find detailed information on quality and warranty.
If you have any questions, please let us know!