【For the Japanese domestic market】Counterfeit Product Alert

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage of our NMN PURE Series of NMN-containing food products.

We have recently confirmed that counterfeit products of our “NMN PURE Series” such as “NMN 9000” and “NMN 6000” and other products are being traded on some EC sites and flea market sites on the Internet.

Customers are urged to take precautions to avoid purchasing counterfeit products and to use our direct sales channels.

We will continue to take action against manufacturers and sellers of counterfeit products, including the provision of information to the relevant authorities and legal measures.

Target products: NMN 9000, NMN 6000, and other NMNPURE series products

(Sold only on our e-commerce site, Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, and Yahoo! Shopping

Points to note when purchasing

(1) Please confirm that the manufacturer is MiraiLabo Bioscience Inc.

(2) Please confirm that the distributor is “Mirai Labo” or “Mirai Labo Bioscience Co.

(3)Please confirm that the store operator is “MiraiLabo Bioscience Inc.

We will not be able to investigate the authenticity, replacement, or damage of products purchased through channels other than our direct sales channels.

For China, please purchase from our exclusive distributor in China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), “Shanghai Gao Ji Mei Electronic Company Limited”.