​Do you want to know how old you really are?

Why is the speed of aging different for every person?

Latest research has revealed that the speed of aging is related to the amount of intracellular mitochondria. This phenomenon is in the international spotlight right now.

This test quantifies the amount of mitochondria in you, allowing you to know your body's condition.


Slowing down "cellular aging". We'll make it happen.

What are mitochondria?

​Mitochondria are one of the organelles in your cells. They are the power house of the cells and play an important role in producing around 95% of the energy your body needs.

What happens if your levels of mitochondria decrease?

It has been reported that people that maintain their mitochondria levels live longer and have lesser deterioration of their cognitive functions and muscle strength as they age.

What this test tells you.

This test measures mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), one of the indicators of mitochondrial content.


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