Recommendations to purchase products with complete β -NMN!

Recommendations for the purchase of complete β -NMN and warning against the purchase of NMN that has not been used in human clinical research.

As NMN supplements are gaining more and more attention from the media, a number of companies have launched their products.


Various companies advertise that they are leading NMN companies, or that their NMN supplements are supervised by clinics or were developed after research on NMN, but is that really true?


Most of the companies that sell NMN cite papers published by anti-aging researchers or request external testing by food analysis centers (on mice and rats), but do not use their own laboratories for analysis.

Actually, most of these companies do not have their own laboratories.


Mirailab Bioscience is the only company in Japan that has a specific laboratory for NMN research.


※For more information on the safety, evaluation, and other tests conducted by Mirailab Bioscience, please lick here.

The price of the NMN products on the market at present cover all possibilities, from the economical to the expensive.

The NMN supplements that we sell are the most expensive in their product line.

The price difference is very large, ranging from 10,000 JPY to over 300,000 JPY per month. Why is the price difference so huge for the same NMN supplements?


We were the first company in the world to commercialize NMN products on April 1, 2015.

We have been providing NMN products even before its importation was simplified with the change in the food and drug category two years ago.

Through this experience, we have established ourselves as a leading NMN company.


After that, we conducted a clinical research study conducted through the Graduate School of Health Sciences, Hiroshima University, to confirm the safety and efficacy of the world's first long-term ingestion of NMN by humans.

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The reason why our NMN products are so expensive is because of the absolute safety of our NMN, which we have developed through our meticulous and rapid research in our in-house laboratory and in cooperation with academia (University of Washington, Hiroshima University, etc.) and various companies around the world, using complete beta-NMN manufactured with high technology.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that we know more about NMN than anyone else, including the possibilities of NMN beyond the framework of anti-aging.

When you purchase NMN products, please choose products that have been tested for complete β-NMN and safety in humans.


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We also provide medical support to and proudly collaborate with the Mirai Medical Group and Tokyo Ginza Wellness & Aging Clinic, of which Professor Shin-ichiro Imai serves as a director (M and T Tanaka Family Distinguished Professor in Aging Research (Department of Developmental Biology and Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine)).


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